Show all data on cell click

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Hi, how can I show data on cell click when table is readonly?16 02

Hi @indriruth.95

The cell width should be stretched automatically to match the content width. Which version of Handsontable you use and what your configuration looks like?

I use the latest version handsontable/vue, I want to limit the width so I use ellipsis on the data, but can I set it to show on click even on readonly as on my screenshot above?

Hi @indriruth.95

I see. That functionality is based on the cell editor (which has to be opened to see the effects), so combining it with readOnly cell type won’t work here.

I see, thank you for the answer! :blush:

Is there any work around you can recommend? maybe show whole text on hover?

Hi @indriruth.95

Basing only on our API you can achieve that by using comments plugin and setting its value by getting the value of the chosen cell with getDataAtCell():

Hi Adrian, thank you very much for the reply, really helpful!