Show column using the context menu option?

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I fail to understand the logic behind hiding / showing columns when using the appropriate options in the context menu. I can hide a column, I can see the small arrows indicating that a column between other two columns is hidden, but how do I make it visible again from the context menu?

I’m also looking at your official example here: I manage to hide the A column and then make it visible by clicking the small indicator displayed on the left side of the B column and choose “Show column” from the context menu. But, if I hide the B column, I can’t possible understand where to click in order to have the “Show column” option in the context menu …


Hi @roxanalupu1981

We need to select two columns that are visible (from left to right with a single mouse move) and then click RMB to get an updated context menu with the option to show columns.


Ok, thanks. Now it’s clear how it works.