SPLIT function question

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Could you help me, please with SPLIT() function syntaxis?

I see SPLIT(Text, Delimiter, [Split_by_each], [Remove_empty_text]) in documentation.
But when I use this format it doesn’t work or I do something wrong.

Is this the correct syntax? Should the text be in quotes? Can you send me a syntax example, please?

Hi @iryna.biletchenko

Thank you for pointing that out. Actually there is a little confusion in the documentation between how the function is described and how it actually works. I asked one of our developers to describe it better:

SPLIT(Text, Index) - divides the provided text using space character as a separator and returns the substring at zero-based position specified by the second argument.

  • SPLIT(“Lorem ipsum dolor”, 0) -> “Lorem”
  • SPLIT(“Lorem ipsum dolor”, 1) -> “ipsum”
  • SPLIT(“Lorem ipsum dolor”, 2) -> “dolor”
  • SPLIT(“Lorem ipsum dolor”, 3) -> #VALUE