Storing id and value from my custom Editor

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Hi, I am trying to store the ID of my record that I selected in my external component. I am able to return via callback the id and value that I selected, but I’ve tried setDataAtCell function and it allows only the value that will be displayed on the grid.


Hi Alexandre,

I would like to clarify one thing. What do you want the setDataAtCell to do other than changing the value?

Hi Aleksandra, actually I am trying to update the data source object, that has the Id and value, value is displayed in the cells, but once my component calls the callback function, I am using setDataAtCell to update the label and also I would need some function that update the Id to datasource. Later this id will be taken to save on database.

Have you tried the setSourceDataAtCell method as well?

Hey @alexandre.yembo.leit

I just wanted to ask if the setSourceDataAtCell was a helpful tip or you’re searching for some other methods.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik, sorry to be late, yes this function was a helpful solution for my scenario. Thank you.

Great, thank you for the update.

If you’d need anything you can just send me an email at

Have a great day!