Table with formulas extremely slow & afterChange not triggered for calculated cells

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We have a table which is not very large, it has about 60 rows and 10 columns. It is the implementation of an excel sheet with estimates and the value of some cells are calculated based on the values of other cells.

The table is available here:

The pink cells require input from the user, the others are mostly disabled and calculated based on the inputs, using formulas.

  1. The first problem is that both the initial loading and rendering the changes are extremely slow; it takes an extremely long time to load the worksheet; the screen almost crashes if I try to use the horizontal scroll of the table; and if I change something, for example cell B5 from 4.9 to 4.95, first nothing happens for many seconds, then the old value appears for another period of time and only after another certain number of seconds it is replaced by the new value; if I disable the formulas, the table loads instantly and the changes are also rendered very fast.

At the moment I use ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ as a license key, because the application of which this table is part is still under development, but we will purchase the paid plan as soon as we receive the approval from the client. Please let me know if buying a paid plan will help in this regard, because we certainly cannot demo a page that is so slow.

  1. We failed to identify an event that is triggered after a cell is recalculated, like afterChange is triggered after we change the cells with editable values; the values of the calculated cells are updated according to the changes, but in their case afterChange is not triggered . Is there another event that is triggered in this case?

Hi @roxanalupu1981

Please email me at from your work email and we will share some possible approaches.

Definitely, this ajax won’t work in a Fiddle so your afterChange is blocked. And the performance issues are related to the complex use of cells. Further investigation would require a code review.