The cell is highlighted after reload the data

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Hi Handsontable team,


If there is any column selected, after calling reloadData, the first row of first selected column will be highlighted. This only happens when there is hidden column in the table.

Therefore, two premises:

  1. There is hidden column.
  2. There is selected column.
    Then, when you call the reloadData, you can see highlighted cell.

In the demo, you can click any button in the column header or simple click Reload Table button, then you should be able to see the highlighted cell.

I am not sure if this is expected behavior. Selection (highlight) on cell is explicitly disabled. Therefore, I would expect no cell is highlighted under any circumstance.

If this is expected behavior, could you provide workaround to disable this behavior?

Thanks a lot


Yes, the remaining selection is the desired result. If you, however, would prefer to move the selection to another cell you can use selectCell() method or deselectCell() to deselect everything.