The hidden columns in the HT 8.0.0-beta.2

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Congratulation on beta2 release. :beer:
While I read the release notes, I notice some changes of hidden columns:

Hidden indexes aren’t rendered.

Does it mean that the hidden column is not rendered at all?
The reason I am concern is because I have use case that 80 columns out of 100 columns could be hidden columns initially. Since the hidden column is still rendered, when user do the horizontal scroll, there will be a noticeable janky scroll.
Now, if the hidden column is not rendered at all, that should solve this performance issue.

Also, I tried the new “hidden column” in beta2.
I can hide the column with “Context Menu”. But, I don’t know what is the official recommended way to show a hidden column?



and thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, you right. The hidden column is not rendered at all. And it should be performance boosts.

You could use both options. I mean you can use contextMenu to hide a column. And programmatically by set hidden columns in the options or by hideColumn (hideColumns) plugin methods.
Here is a link to our docs about hiding columns plugin -

Thanks @piotr.nowak

If the hidden columns are no longer rendered, I think they can’t be moved as well.
The reason I am asking this question is because, to solve the performance issue I mentioned above, we programmatically move the hidden columns to the end of the columns by “manual column move” plugin. I think this workaround won’t work on the HT 8.0.0, correct?


Yes, you right.

Your workaround is unnecessary in version 8.0.0.

Furthermore, it can produce an error.
So you have to remove this feature from your codebase.

Thanks @piotr.nowak