Update settings for autocomplete source (VueJS)

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I want to update settings for autocomplete source when I type on a value. I get the data according to the character entered, the data of source will be retrieved by a http call.

I used beforeKeyDown hook but the displayed source will not be updated.

However, the autocomplete of with suggestions does not updated while I am still in the cell. I need to leave the cell and then come back so that the autocomplete shows.

How can I update the source of autocomplete with the data retrieved with the HTTP call?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Yacine

The dropdown cell type editor needs to be closed to update its value.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

There is no way to update the value without closing the dropdown list ?

The default autocomplete/dropdown cell type wouldn’t allow that. But you can create a custom editor for the dropdown cell type. Here’s https://handsontable.com/docs/8.0.0/tutorial-cell-editor.html a tutorial for cell editors.

Ok, Thank you :slight_smile: