Vuejs: Numeric pattern format error version 7.0.3

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I use handsontable in my vuejs project.
I want to display the price in Japanese yen by numericFormat but the symbol displayed is $(USD) instead of ¥(japanese yen).
Check out the following demo:
Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.

Hey @nguyen.duc.202.2008

you were missing the language script

@aleksandra_budnik, it is working if using numbro from
But, i using npm to install handsontable.
I see in node_modules/handsontable/es/renderers/numericRenderer.js
numbro using lib version 2.1.1, but this version allLanguages is undefined. It’s only defined in handsontable doc above.
I import numbroLanguages from 'numbro/dist/languages.min'
and edit line 35 to
var langData = numbroLanguages[cellCulture] it is working

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,
I don’t know if you’ve read my comment above, maybe this is a bug for the vue version

Sorry, I must have accidently deleted the notification. I will test that out and update you once I get anything.

Hey @NguyenDuc

I was not in the office on Friday so I’ve asked our developer to investigate the case. He replied

I think it’s not a bug for the vue version.
Our hot behave exactly in the same way -
numbrois our dependencie and user need attach them just like did it, or like you showed.

I use npm to manage the library. So, when i install handsontable by command
npm install handsontable @handsontable/vue then the dependent libraries have been installed, including numbro.
please see example

It’s not working.

I’ve asked the developer to check it out.

We don’t have numbro languages dependencies in full.js.
So when the a developer wants these features he needs to add these dependencies by himself -

If he has languages from numbro - - euro, but without these - - it doesn’t have.