While Filtering row ID not changed

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I have a radio column in handsontable , It will render the id of another column , Everything works fine here

While filtering, The ID is not changing and it shows the exact same id of row before the filtering done

Could you please help me in rendering the exact value

Hi @vedaselvaraj27

Can you share demo with your recent progress?

I need to get the current row data to be updated, Eg: Id is 69 for both actions. I need to get that updated based on current row.

Before filter

After filter

Code for select column

columns: [
data: “Select”,
readOnly: true,
renderer: function (
) {
const data = instance.getSourceData();
var radiobox = document.createElement(“input”);
radiobox.type = “radio”;
radiobox.name = “radiobutton”;
radiobox.id = data[row].Code;
radiobox.value = data[row].Code + “,” + data[row].Status;
td.innerHTML = “”;
td.style[“text-align”] = “center”;
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Thank you for sharing additional details, @vedaselvaraj27

You can use the afterFilter hook to run the calculations. The rowIndexMapper is a tool that will allow you to track indexes of rows.


I am not successful using afterfilter hook , Could you please help me in achieving my requirement

I need the radio button ID to be updated for current row after filter

I do not have a particular demo for that.

Could you please contact me at support@handsontable.com? We offer code samples for Clients with an Extended/Premium Support plan. I would just need to confirm your plan.