Will handsontable accomplish all the desired behaviours in my case?

Hello, we are contemplating this product to use it in our company but we have some doubts.

We have an excel we are currently using to set up a number of rows with information that later we will use in different situations.

We have noticed your product can accomplish hopefully all the requeriments we need to keep for our workers.

The main requeriment is that need to be like an excel allowing to copy and paste diferrent parts of rows or columns as in the excel. Your product can do that as the next image shows. That’s great.


The second requeriment we need to keep is the functionality of having a dropdown of values in a cell. Your product obviously can do that as the next image prove.


But, it doesn’t shows clearly, if there is any way to do the next things and we would like to know if it’s possible:

  • In a excel you can impose that each cell from the column B, when you click inside recalculate all the dropdown values from itself depending on the value from the same row in another column. For example, imagine that in the column A row 1 it’s selected the value 1. In this case in the column B row 1 it will execute a query with this value “1” and will add all the options in the dropdown from the results of this query. But if there’s no value in the column A row 1 the dropdown options won’t be any options. And each row the values from the dropdown of the column B can be differents as this column depends uniquely from the value of the same row from the column A in this case and can be different in each row.
    I could find this example: http://jsfiddle.net/fsvakoLa/ but only recalculate the values each time you choose a new value from the column WBS (like my A column). I need that each time you click in the cell of the column SubWBS (like my B column) recalculate the differents options that needs to show in the dropdown depending the value from the same row in the WBS column.

  • Another point we would like to know is, if there is any way to make a validation for all table. For example, in our case we will need that some columns are required and in a specific format.

Not sure if it’s necessary to say that we will use the Javascript. VueJs, AngularJs or ReactJS are not contemplated in our case.

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Hi @ricardespinas

Here’s Aleksandra from the Support Team.

It’s a quite a list of requirements. Maybe you’d like to discuss them over a call? That way we would be able to confirm that we’re one the same page.

Please send me your availability at support@handsontable.com.

If you’d need anything @ricardespinas I’m open to all the emails.