Clear "filter by value" before search

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Is there a way to handle filter input event and in result clear filter selected values on keyevent?

Currently I need to press “clear all” before filtering. Example on the gif - I want all the countries to be unselected after I type “A”.

The result what I am trying to achieve would look like this with automatic clear all -

Hey Karl,

can you re-attach those images/demo? They are broken

Okay gyazo link doesn’t work.



after typing in filter all country tags are selected (including the ones, which do not have “a” letter in them)

After selecting for example the 1st country image
and after applying the filter, the selection has all the rest countries still selected also: image

What I want, is that after typing “a” and selecting the first country, the selection of countries would look like this:

Hey @karl

Can you check this demo ?

@aleksandra_budnik Thank you, worked.

Way I used it ->


Great. I’m glad that it works for you.

Feel free to open a new topic when needed.