Search in Filter Normal behaviour

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When we search through filter option, as all fields checkboxes are checked, so it doesn’t behave normally, and search doesn’t work, thus requires clearing every time for proper functionality.
But, then I found this issue here, which was actually clearing it before search, here Clear "filter by value" before search .
This is just a workaround but, when we have thousands of records we don’t want users to select the checkboxes for every 100 rows which matches the results.

Can you kindly guide the method to make sure search works just like it normally does.

Hi @mehdiraza

At the moment you can only use it to have the checkboxes all checked or all unchecked (with the clear() method). Maybe in your case, it would be better to have something more like searching.
Here the last example shows how to run a callback connected to the search results. You can use it to run the hiddenRows logic and hide the rows that do not match the typed query.