Custom editor / multiple cell focus question

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Multi-cell input is a critical feature for us.

So when you select multiple cells, hit F2, update the value, then CTRL+Enter to update all of them.

However, its execution appears to be connected to the current focus, and we’d like to tie that in to our custom editors.

The following GIF contains two flows:

Flow 1 (doesn’t work)

  • select multiple cells
  • F2 to edit
  • click checkboxes
  • hit CTRL+Enter and no response
  • click out to enter in selected cell only

Flow 2 (does work, but does not allow editing)

  • select multiple cells
  • F2 to edit
  • hit CTRL+Enter

What is the correct way to allow CTRL+Enter to work?

Should we return focus to the main table?

We are aware that finishEditing(false, true) can be used to achieve the same effect…

…but it would be nice to use the built-in keyboard functionality.

Incidentally - the built in date editor type does not seem to respect CTRL+Enter as either.

Can this also be fixed?

Sorry responded the wrong subject :slight_smile:
I have asked our developer to check if something can be done here.

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I just got a reply that it would be easier to check the possibilities while having a demo of your implementation. Would you be able to send me one? If not here you can catch me on emails

Sure I can do that.

I’ll need to extract the components into a new project, add all deps etc but perhaps that will be useful as sandbox anyway.

I’ll try and get that done today.

OK, here is the repo:

And here is a live demo (not sure if CS likes the HOT code. May be a babel config thing, not sure…):

Happy to answer questions, here, on email, or on the project’s issues.


Great! Thanks. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Hey Dave, a quick update - the checkbox demo does not open

Not sure why CS won’t run it - it can be quite sensitive.

I just installed the project locally to test and it installs and runs fine, so I guess, just run locally :slight_smile:

Hey Dave,

me and my developer checked those steps and Flow 1 works for us entirely (on Mac Mojave and Windows 10, both tested on latest Chrome) but we’re not able to close the window with CTRL + Enter in the Flow 2 (where there’s no data to populate).

It looks like Enter opens the editor but it is not able to close it. We’ve tracked down that if you change




in the open method of the CheckboxesEditor.js file, Enter starts to work OK, but it does not change the fact that it is not working with CTRL.
We’re still on it so if something new comes out I’ll let you know.

Hey Aleksandra,

Thanks for checking it out!

Yeah, I’ve had mixed results. I’m not sure if the demo is subtly different from the main project. It might be because our main table has more columns with more going on. I’m not sure if there might be a conflict like my other post with the checkbox cell type, or perhaps a cell re-render perhaps conflicting. Perhaps that is the next thing for me to check.

For the demo, I generally click and navigate about and try to test when it doesn’t work.

Feel free to delete functionality from the View and Component if you need to, especially the checkbox-item navigation / focus stuff.

To be honest, I tried a few different strategies, then got to the stage where I thought it would be best to ask yourselves, so it may be that I’ve added code that clashes with your own focus routines. So feel free to rip stuff out!

Hopefully the general logic and implementation is sound though

Thanks again for looking at this


Also, is the readme and structure clear enough for you?

Do ask if it’s not!

The readme follows all the guidelines but I guess that we’re missing something.

Currently we’ve stumbled upon the issue with ENTER+CTRL not populating values if none of the checkboxes are checked. But you have also mentioned the event handling in the second topic. I guess that this topic would need to wait for CTO (he’ll be back in June from the vacation).

You’re saying it doesn’t unset the values with an empty array, or it just won’t close?

PS. How did you get the [ CTRL ] + [ ENTER ] key graphics !?

< kbd> NAME < /kbd> (without spaces)

the editor window won’t close if there are no checkboxes active.

You know… I was thinking about a video call/screen sharing. Would you be able to take part in a session like this on Wednesday around 12 - 2pm CEST (Warsaw). We could cover all the subjects at once.

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That’s a great idea!

You have my email, so feel free to arrange it on there.

I’ll make sure my list is up to date.

And it will be nice to v-meet you!