Consuming array data in table cell values

Good news!

Based on the code from this comment we’ve got a customer editor + renderer working, hooray! :smiley:

However, it seems that HOT is not so keen on consuming Array data?

The custom component above is a small Vue instance, which hands back an array. It seems if we pass the array out of the component functions, it gets ignored :frowning:

So we have a couple of options:

  1. JSON parse and stringify
  2. delimited (space or otherwise)
  getValue () {
    return JSON.stringify(this.vm.output)

  setValue (value) {
    this.vm.value = JSON.parse(value || '[]')

We’re using a custom cell renderer, so as long as we decide on one or the other, we should be good.

I just wanted to check that arrays are not supported before I carry on though?

It would be great if we could pass arrays around without having to convert to and from.


We’d check it out once get a demo (mentioned here Custom editor / multiple cell focus question).