Issue editing cells that are an array of values

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Our data is an array of objects, some of those object properties are arrays. For example it looks something like this:

const data = [
Id: 3,
name: 'Some Name',
tags: [Tag1, Tag2, Tag3]

We are able to successfully render the tags array in the cell, which displays: Tag1, Tag2, Tag3

However we are unable to edit this cell directly or with copy/paste. We can click into the cell and make changes, but those changes do not stay intact after clicking out of the cell. The beforeChange and afterChange does not fire.

The cell edits propogate if we first delete the contents to a blank value or if we drag.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Hey @ryan.burch

Can you share your settings?

Here’s an example that I’ve made
But as we can see Handsontable only accepts an array od array or an array of objects.
Using any more complicated structures require more actions.

I guess that the issue is solved as there are no replies.
I’m closing this topic.