Trimming the cell content

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This was an old topic: How to display only few lines of text for cells with long text
I just wonder whether there is an efficient way to achieve this in HT 8. Currently, we are setting the ellipsis on every td which I think isn’t very performant since we have many cells rendered in the table (Especially, when scrolling).

.table > tbody > tr > td


you are able to use a custom renderer that cuts the text inside a non-scrollable container with fixed height an width.


have you had time to test that approach out?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

Sorry, missed your reply. I will test it out today.

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik

It works. I think it reduce the total amount of computed styles the browser needs to recalculate every time it does a reflow.

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Thank you for the response.
So I close this thread.

Thank you for the confirmation